Later today Persy will be admitted to the hospital to begin cycle three of his chemotherapy. Cycle three will consist of two new chemotherapy drugs that he hasn’t had before.

Cisplatin is the first new chemotherapy. We know that one possible side effect is hearing loss. We’ve also been warned that this one is worse about causing nausea and malaise.

Etoposide is the other. This chemotherapy can be hard on the heart.

Cycle three is just three days of infusion as opposed to five. He’ll be home sooner, but we’ve been told to expect some of the side effects to last longer this round.

Please Pray

  • That the Cisplatin does its job against the cancer and spares Persy’s Cochlear cells (hearing).
  • That the Etoposide does its job against the cancer and spares any damage to Persy’s heart.
  • That Persy continues to feel good continues to have a happy and lighthearted attitude towards each new day.