Today was the day we had to say goodbye to Persy’s beautiful curly locks of hair.

Even though Persy is just 2 and a half, I try to speak to him honestly about things that I think he’ll understand. I told him the medicine he is taking would make his hair fall out, and that when it started to we’d cut his hair. He cried and said “no hair cut.”

When the time came he had a great attitude about having his head shaved. Afterwards, he reached up to his head and said, “no hair.” Maybe it had something to do with Mama, Dada, Meo (Grandmother), Ween (Great Aunt), and Aunt Sharon all exclaiming how handsome he was with short hair, but he smiled, laughed, and let us know he was ready to go back to his toys.

Saying goodbye to Persy’s hair was much harder on Mama and Dada than it was on him. We knew this day would come, but it wasn’t easy to say “goodbye hair.”

Little victories

  • Persy was unphased by his new look.
  • Persy had extra helpings at every meal.
  • Persy took less pain meds yet never complained of pain.
  • Persy played in the bath like he did before the two weeks we spent in the hospital.
  • Bedtime routine was back to normal with Persy going to sleep in his crib without needing extra assurance that Mama and Dada were close by.

Please pray

  • For Persy’s levels to continue to improve.
  • For Persy to stay healthy while at home and continue to sleep, eat, poop, and play.
  • For clarity for Persy’s mama and dada as they make big decisions regarding his treatment.
  • For the chemo treatments to work and for the tumors to get smaller so that fluid stops accumulating in Persy’s lung.
  • For Persy’s body to respond to the chemo and specifically that the chemo obliterates all the metastatic cancer sites in his body.
  • For his cancer to be attacked by the chemo, but for his precious body to be protected from the damage caused by the toxic chemicals.
  • For continued strength for Persy’s Mama and Dada and his whole family.

Lord our Promise Keeper, we pray Your blessing of unspeakable joy will overflow in our dear Persy as well as in Ryan and Brittany. Even though their future is uncertain, may Your joy rise in their souls. May they be able to praise You as they pass through this storm. We pray that Persy be a radiant testimony for You, and that Ryan and Brittany’s sorrow and worry be eclipsed by the joy only You can provide. Shine Your grace on them and bring clarity to their hearts and minds. In Your holy name we pray. Amen.