Persy Burnette

Persy has had a pretty good couple of days. After completing his first round of chemo treatments, the doctors are now working on getting Persy well enough to return home. He was able to have his chest tube removed on Friday, which caused him quite a bit of pain, but it was a necessary next step, and like everything else, he has handled it like a champ.

The doctors have been monitoring his absolute neutrophil count (ANC) closely over the last few days since he finished his first course of chemo. ANC is an estimate of the body’s ability to fight infections, especially bacterial. Persy’s ANC was 0 for three days following chemo, which is an expected side effect of the treatment. This low period is referred to as the nadir and it is when Persy is most susceptible to illness. Persy’s ANC was 3.5 on Friday and then climbed to 70 today, a trajectory that should allow him to go home soon, possibly as soon as within the next 24 hours! Woohoo!

In preparation for going home, Persy’s doctors have been working to decrease his pain meds while still keeping him comfortable. He is completely off morphine now, which has now been replaced with a milder narcotic.

One continued problem has been Persy’s rash. Since the doctors changed up some of his antibiotics, it is gradually clearing up, along with some oatmeal baths and a little TLC.

Today, we had a big victory. Persy asked to get out of bed for the first time in 15 days since coming to the hospital. He took a ride around the unit in the party bus (woot woot!) and then wanted to “sit on the couch,” where he stayed for hours, “drawing” and painting with watercolor. After being back in bed for a while, he wanted to “get down” again. Britt and Ryan are so happy to see their boy with more energy and wanting to get up and about!

Little victories

  • Persy has continued to play, sing and be merry (most of the time). Over the past few days, he has enjoyed coloring with crayons and markers, painting with watercolor, making bracelets with beads, singing, playing with iPad and his dinosaur eggs, and watching the “mean ole Grinch” on repeat!
  • Persy’s numbers continue to improve and we may be able to go home in 24-48 hours! Hallelujah!
  • Persy has maintained good respiratory status after his chest tube was removed!
  • Persy has continued to eat well and poop regularly!
  • Persy continues to have more energy and even wanting to get up and about!

Please pray

  • For Persy to continue to get stronger and be able to walk and run and play.
  • For Persy’s numbers to continue to improve and for him to be healthy enough to be at home.
  • For the chemo treatments to work and for the tumors to get smaller so that fluid stops accumulating in Persy’s lung.
  • For Persy’s body to respond to the chemo and specifically that the chemo obliterates all the metastatic cancer sites in his body.
  • For his cancer to be attacked by the chemo, but for his precious body to be protected from the damage caused by the toxic chemicals.
  • For continued strength for Persy’s mama and dada and his whole family.

Lord of Love, we ask that You bind all of us that pray for Persy together as one. Help us to encourage each other and to always keep our focus on You and Your promise of healing. Help us to remember that we are stronger when united in Your name. Bring us together in godly unity, where we may gather strength for Persy and continue to support him in his fight ahead. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.