This week we received the results of Persy’s diagnostic scans. Although the CT scan showed that the primary tumor is completely gone, it also showed some damage to one of P’s kidneys. The doctors aren’t sure if it is still working properly, but they did say there is a possibility that it could heal. All of P’s labs have shown normal kidney function so at the very least his other kidney is doing the work to make up for it.

After Persy’s original MIBG scan back in November, he was given a Curie score of 25. A patient’s Curie score is calculated as the sum of scores over all individual sites, with a maximum score of 30. In other words, the neuroblastoma was everywhere. His most recent scan showed that there is only one remaining site with neuroblastoma, at his clavicle, and he was assessed with a Curie score of 1. This is a fantastic result.

When Persy was first diagnosed, we were told that he had 70%-80% bone marrow involvement in addition to the Curie score of 25. The results of his latest bone marrow aspiration and biopsy show that there is now less than 1% of bone marrow involvement. We are overjoyed with these results.

As we continue to thank God for the amazing progress P has made so far, we also know that he is not out of the woods yet. Despite all that he has been through up to this point, our sweet boy still has a long, hard road ahead of him. At the same time, our faith is strong and unwavering, and we are more aware than ever of just how good our God is.